About Us

"Some dream and say, why? I dream and say, why not?"
--- Robert Kennedy

BlackWire Defined: BlackWire is the concept of Violist/Arranger Linda Davis and Manager Sandy Smolen … either violins meeting Rock & Roll or Rock & Roll meeting violins … BlackWire is a string orchestra that plays rock with soul.

From the Classics to Classic Rock: First Linda began experimenting with a chamber orchestra playing Copland and Stravinsky. Now BlackWire plays Chuck Berry, the Beach Boys, the Beatles... classics from a more popular field, but classics just the same. It all began with a simple challenge, "Why aren’t you doing this [rock]? And because of that BlackWire has developed a catalogue and a sound spanning from the Beach Boys’ "Fun, Fun, Fun," to Fleetwood Mac’s " The Chain." Along the way, it became a team effort of not only arranging, but also finding players who bring enthusiasm and understanding to the music and together they have the versatility to perform in any venue from ballroom to amphitheater.